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A letter to the Board, Winter 377
nyeti wrote in empirefiction
My first fic for Eudaemon. I’m trying a different writing style from what I did for Alan; this is an open letter to his colleagues in Halcyon following his first time at Anvil, and not coincidentally an appeal for them to join him there.

To my fellow members of the Board.

I write following the summit at Anvil and feel myself compelled to declare our delegation a success – even though I was its sole member. The opportunities for our Spire to learn, to serve, and to pursue the paths of Virtue in the great arena of the Empire are, in short, manifold and excellent. At the great summits the Net of the Heavens is tightly woven and we cannot let such opportunities to influence the world go to waste.

Our neighbours in Zenith and the rest of Urizen, of whom we see shamefully little, have amply demonstrated the excellence of their pursuits and achievements; the representatives of other nations have also made a favourable impression.
The Imperial institutions convening at Anvil are of course of considerable interest to our Spire, especially the Conclave. The research being conducted into novel applications of magic is fascinating and valuable, and the Unfettered Mind in particular have a plenitude of Night ritualists with whom I have found much in common. It is my Ambition that with the help of these daring individuals we can make substantial advances in the work of our Spire. And I could not help but be struck by the number of Heralds present: I saw six and spoke to three of them personally (and cordially), a sign that if we are to resume regular interaction with the Eternals the best opportunity to do so is through the Hall of Worlds.
I have furthermore found that despite the damp climate of Casinea, the atmosphere of Anvil is wonderfully conducive to relaxation in a manner different to that of the Spire. Aside from occasional misunderstandings made by lowlanders, I was made to feel very welcome and have met some very interesting individuals in a chiefly social capacity.

Regrettably the less than optimal circumstances of my journey led to my missing the senatorial election for Zenith, and of course I had no ability to participate in the Synod or Military Council directly, nor the resources to make a credible bid in the Bourse. Perhaps in summits to come we shall be able to establish a presence in these.
Indeed I believe that we would gain greatly from a larger delegation in future, and in particular if we had a broader range of specialists. Moreover, on grounds of Prosperity I feel that the boons not only of learning but also of personal and social pursuits should be shared between us and the wider Empire. The longer-serving members of staff will especially feel the advantage gained by some time away from the wards – and it is my belief that some of the less dangerous inpatients could gain the same benefit.

Ultimately I wish to make Heron take Pride in his proposal, and only regret that he is not able to attend. Please tell him that his idea has worked well and that I am very happy with him, and give him a square of chocolate from my cabinet.

I look forward to seeing you all again upon my return, and remain,
Your Loyal friend, colleague, and Arbiter,


Accompanying me as a visitor will be Eleri Bronwen’s Rest, a leader of one of the Therunin steadings and an amateur researcher in her own right. I would much appreciate it if you could arrange for a guest room to be prepared in case she would like to sleep there. She has also expressed an interest in our mana evaporators, so please ensure that the ushabti bring in enough coal for us to fire them all up.
I am aware that this is currently far from routine, but just as we make a presence at Anvil, I aspire to invite more guests to the Spire in future. Let us do our founders proud.

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This has such an Urizen feel to it. And you are a terrible person.

Heee! I look forward to meeting Eudaemon :D

(Deleted comment)
*Ideally* not as your current character :P

While my interaction with Eudaemon was brief, I really like the concept behind Halcyon. Hope you get some more people to join the group, either as staff or 'less dangerous inpatients'. I believe the phrase is 'What could possibly go wrong?' :P

Thank you all for the comments!
After writing this I was concerned that it would be (a) boring and (b) too shameless a plug from an out-of-character point of view. Instead I'm glad to see it's been taken with good humour, and that I've got the feel right. I promise the next one will be more interesting :)

<3 Very Urizen

Looking forward to snakefacing at/with Eudaemon again :D

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