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Some childhood memories for Renata, and given I am currently travelling across the country in real life it seemed an appropriate setting for a memory for Renata too.

It is set about twelve years before the fall of Segura to the Lasambrians, for some context. :)

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James Blackshaw
[Spoiler (click to open)]The monastery’s training hall was pleasantly cool this evening, shutters flung open to let in the evening air and the late spring light. A dozen or monks in loose clothing or light robes were scattered about the hall in small groups, practicing combat drills. As a monastery of Vigilance, Pickham placed great store in the notion of self-defence, keeping the hall busy most evenings..

Martin and others of the coven stood near the back, working through rod techniques. A suitably prepared cane was an asset to any ritualist, even if not created as a ritual staff or lethal weapon. With each strike, the cane traces an arc, a boundary. When done with intent, every movement is a magical circle. Strung together like links in a chain, binding the power of the Realms under a magician’s command. Martin twisted his hips back, drew his hand back behind his head, then whipped his arm round, his body spinning back and sweeping his cane towards Kathryn’s masked head. She parried, whirling her own weapon down at his legs. He jumped to avoid it, the cane passing under his legs as he sent his own strike back, rattling off her helm.

Mummer’s Cane had started as a fighting art, but the Monastery taught it more as a sport and magical aid. The art valued a good show almost as much as it did victory. Martin spun his weapon from his right hand to his left, aimed a new strike. He had spent too long that day poring over books and sifting rambling collections of papers, feeling his thoughts slowly congeal into a grey lump. The exercise loosened his mind, cleared it of the fog of frustration. There was just him, the cane and Kathryn challenging him. He blocked high to catch a strike to the head, spun around to her side, but caught a thwack to the legs as he lunged forward in a low attack.

Six strikes, six realms. Each named first in Asavean for some forgotten reason, but taught in this quiet spot on the Marcher border for as long as Pickham had records.
Lateral exterieur, The Hammer, Strike of Spring. The first attack learned, a simple overhand arc.
Lateral croisé, The Reveal, Strike of Day. An arm drawn across the line of vision, then whipped back out.
Brisé, The Serpent. Strike of Night. Coiling backwards, then jumping towards the head.
Croisé téte ,The Ascent,Strike of Summer. rising upwards and crashing down upon the opponent’s head.
Enlevé, The Chain, Strike of Autumn, Complex, hard to master. A diving twirl of the wrist.
Croisé bas, The Descent, strike of Winter. Reaching up, then diving low towards the legs.

This was not to say that a ritual of a given realm should be a mere repeat of that strike, but it helped to start with it and to favour that movement in the working. Used in magic, the Cane could be a ritualist show-fighting another mumming the part of the Realm being channeled. Or it could be a meditative tool, a lone magician working through strikes to focus their attention. At that point the cane itself was a mere prop, and a determined landskeeper could work with empty hand, whipping invisible arcs of mana through the air. Laughing to himself, Martin rattled off two Descents and a Reveal, shouting “Balanced Blade!” at the end. His opponent gave her usual “aggrieved cat” look, and sent a cross-strike whistling towards his face. He jumped back, and the sparring danced on.

This is based on
an actual combat sport that I do.
I occasionally use the movements in magic roleplay.

The continued adventures of Tiny!Tam and Owain (also LessOld!Adam)
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"You look like shit."
Marshwatch promptfic for Oli! Prompt: “You look like shit.”

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Post Pledge Fic- Mari
New Character, so I figured a good time to be putting fic on here again. A couple of tiny fics from prompts :)

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Suddenly fic
Got hit with a blast of drabble inspiration. I blame my very excellent group for causing me feelings and keen.

Minor headspace - Maria's, regarding Flora. Kinda not at all FOIPy.

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The stars trouble her sleep: Part II
Continued. Content warning for medical ick, language, and puppy kicking. ;)

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The stars trouble her sleep: Part I
Clarice's sick note from E3, Part 1, because it's too long for a single post ;) In which I am awful to a junior doctor. Contains conjunctions, hearth magic and yeomance, because it kind of just happened! Content warning: medical ick, language, puppy kicking.

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This is current events, so if you are not comfortable with knowing a bit about the religious emotional rollercoaster Renata is currently on, please do not feel like you have to read it. :)

I've never really written poetry much but it seems to be a thing that Renata likes doing so I'm letting myself have fun with it. Lots of silly alliteration and stuff. :)

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Somewhat belated E4 writeup fic
With apologies to 'No Light, No Light' by Florence and the Machine. Might have got the order of events wrong in places, it was a while ago now, and I know I have missed some bits that I just couldn't remember the running order for.

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